Uncovering the themes and analogies that help you win.

UncoverThe primary steps in crafting a winning trial strategy are, first, discovering what your case is really about and, second, learning how to make a jury care enough about it. These are also the most difficult steps; neither should be taken lightly. Without them, the rest of your trial preparation may be for naught. Our Mental Mining® and Jury Consulting methodologies are designed to lead you through the process of identifying the key themes, metaphors, and analogies of your case and to ensure that they will resonate with your jurors at trial.

Mental Mining

Our Mental Mining methodology is a conscious effort to bring forth and examine the subconscious associations that will make your case accessible for a jury. Through a facilitated discussion, we explore the metaphors, analogies, and themes that will help your legal team develop a coherent and persuasive story for the jury. We listen critically and ask difficult questions to help you refine your case. Throughout the session we also work with your team to generate ideas for potential visual tools to use at trial. Learn more.

Jury Consulting

To win your case, you need to convince Active Jurors—those jurors who have the greatest influence on the final outcome of the case—to lobby on your behalf in the deliberation room. But how do you know if the themes and arguments you have uncovered will convince jurors to advocate effectively for your side? Compelling and persuasive trial themes and strategies are not created in a vacuum.  Our jury research is designed to inform, reframe, and develop effective trial strategies and themes. Learn more.

 “IMS | The Focal Point is the perfect partner for crafting a selling theme with the graphics and demonstrative evidence to communicate that theme and catch the imagination and interest of the fact trier.”

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