In 2009, two Milwaukee police officers, Brian Norberg and Graham Kunisch, were seriously injured after being shot with a firearm that was purchased a month earlier at Badger Guns by a straw purchaser. This lawsuit was brought against Badger Guns, its predecessor Badger Outdoors, and the stores' owners, alleging that the gun shops were negligent and showed intentional disregard for rights in selling a firearm to an obvious straw buyer.

The Focal Point's Role

Over several years, The Focal Point’s Strategy and Graphics Groups worked with plaintiffs’ counsel providing demonstratives for key motions and developing an effective persuasion strategy for trial. The Focal Point’s Jury Consulting Group developed a jury selection strategy; crafted a jury questionnaire, and assisted with the voir dire process. Additionally, our Media Production Group found effective ways to display Badger’s own store security video that showed the plotting and coordination of purchasing the gun in the store.


This landmark case is the first time a gun dealer has been held liable under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a 2005 immunity law. After nine hours of deliberation, the jury announced a verdict holding the defendants liable that included nearly $6 million in compensatory and punitive damages to the two officers.


Milwaukee County Circuit Court
Judge John DiMotto

The Focal Point’s Client

Cannon & Dunphy
Patrick Dunphy
Brett Eckstein