Trial Strategies
Trial Strategies

Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics


We created this page to supplement the second edition of our book Creating Winning Trial Stategies and Graphics, published by the American Bar Association. This page will be updated regularly with additional content to:

  • Keep readers informed of rapid changes in the areas covered by this book
  • Deal with the fact that trial graphics are dynamic and often require context
  • Assist trial lawyers who do not always have time to read a whole book through in one sitting
  • Strike a balance between general and highly specific information


  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Chapter 2: Deliberation

    Chapter 2: Deliberation

  • Chapter 3: Persuasion

    Chapter 3: Persuasion

  • Chapter 4: Story

    Chapter 4: Story

  • Chapter 5: Graphics

    Chapter 5: Graphics

  • Chapter 6: Architecture

    Chapter 6: Architecture

  • Chapter 7: Evidence

    Chapter 7: Evidence

  • Chapter 8: Types

    Chapter 8: Types

  • Chapter 9: Specialized

    Chapter 9: Specialized

  • Chapter 10:  Present

    Chapter 10: Present


  • Timeline


  • Checklist


  • Text Pull

    Text Pull

  • Chronology



  • US v. Gerhardt

    US v. Gerhardt


  • Timelines


Trial Strategies