Knowing just the facts is not enough.

“I learned long ago that going to trial without The Focal Point involved early in trial planning and brainstorming...is foolhardy.”

John KekerJohn Keker
Keker & Van Nest

Trial Strategy

We help you develop powerful themes to educate, engage, and persuade your jurors. Our Mental Mining® process helps you unearth the analogies and metaphors to communicate your case story clearly and convincingly.

Focused juror research.

“The Focal Point helps me see things the way the jury will, which makes a critical difference when preparing for trial. I make sure to hire them before the case is even indicted.”

Stephen NealStephen Neal
Cooley LLP

Jury Consulting

We design custom research plans to test your case story and themes with real prospective jurors to refine your case’s strengths and address its challenges. This helps you go beyond the facts and listen for the connections that will resonate with a jury.

Now in Dallas...

“I have...always appreciated their outstanding work. After one trial in which we not only defended our client but won a counterclaim, the Judge said, ‘My compliments to your jury consultant.’

Terry OxfordTerry Oxford
Susman Godfrey LLP

The Focal Point proudly announces our Dallas office, located at
211 N. Record Street.

For information on our full-service offerings from this new location, please contact: JimS@thefocalpoint.com.

...and New York.

“Over the course of nearly three decades, I have worked with many trial support firms. The Focal Point is far and away the best. I can’t imagine trying a case without them as part of my trial team.”

Anthony HermanAnthony Herman
Covington & Burling

Serving the East Coast

Our office at 44 Wall Street provides comprehensive litigation support services to help with trials, hearings, arbitrations, mediations, and other alternate dispute resolution settings.

We have extensive experience with the US International Trade Commission. See our represenative ITC case summaries here.

Thousands of trials.

“The Focal Point’s can-do, collaborative attitude, great ideas, bench depth, and high quality work helps our trial teams win cases.”

Thomas FrielThomas Friel
Cooley LLP

More than 25 years of insights.

“The people at The Focal Point think visually, which many lawyers can’t do. Yet, they also understand the legal concepts as well as the most experienced trial lawyers do.”

Cristina ArguedasCristina Arguedas
Arguedas, Cassman & Headley LLP

Recent Articles

Design With Purpose: Preparing for an ITC Hearing

What to consider when presenting at the ITC.

Trial Consultants: 7 Tips to Maximize Value and Effect

How to get the best value and results when faced with tight budgets and deadlines.

We wrote the books.

“Given the modern jury’s need to be both entertained and persuaded, these books are valuable aids in achieving both.”

Pamela MackeyPamela Mackey
Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, P.C.

Engaging and persuading through great design.

“They get the trial game completely and bring it all. Around the clock support, a great attitude and images that say it better than words.”

Bobby MeadowsBobby Meadows
King & Spalding

Trial Graphics 

Great design engages and educates; it keeps the jury interested enough to learn and remember information.

Graphics are important tools that help jurors become effective advocates for your side during deliberation.


Seamless presentations when it really counts.

“Two recent trials with a TFP tech at the helm of the courtroom computer confirmed once again that The Focal Point has mastered the science and art of presenting graphics to a jury.”

John PhillipsJohn Phillips
Paul Hastings

Trial Support

We provide experienced jury consultants, graphic designers, and trial technicians to support your team in the trenches at trial. We bring a breadth of experience and depth of calm where and when it is needed most.

Our services

We help you uncover crucial insights. We clarify the complex. Then we create a visual trial strategy that will powerfully support and win your argument.

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    Trial Strategy

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    Jury Consulting

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    Trial Graphics

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    Trial Presentation

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    Trial Support

Our process

Thousands of trials over the last 20-plus years have taught us how judges and jurors think and reach verdicts. Our proven trial strategies help you win.

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    5-Step Process

  • Trial Strategytrial tool

    Trial Strategy

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    Design Thinking

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    Expert Witnesses

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    Trial Support

About The Focal Point

Trial experience, design, and technological expertise in one package. We believe in what we do. We care about our clients. And we have a sense of humor.

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Our cases

We are proud to have worked with many of the most influential trial lawyers throughout the United States and Canada on every conceivable type of case.

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    Intellectual Property

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    Insurance/Bad Faith

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